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ultimate soft tissue Soft Tissue Laser Certification Course
$895.00 per Dentist or Hygienist

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In an informative and entertaining presentation, Dr. Chris Owens educates participants on the revolutionary field of lasers in dentistry and hygiene. Course topics include laser physics, safety, and tissue interaction, as well as techniques for success with soft tissue surgery and laser periodontal therapy. Commonly used insurance codes and average fees will also be discussed. Students learn through multi-media slide and video presentations as well as by performing hands-on exercises. By the end of the day, participants will be ready to go back into their offices and with confidence institute the most common soft tissue laser procedures and laser-assisted periodontal therapies.

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adv diode perio Advanced Diode Periodontal Hygiene Course
$895.00 per Dentist or Hygienist

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This course focuses specifically on advanced soft tissue laser periodontal applications.

The objectives include mastery of advanced treatment planning as well as guidelines for recare and indications for continuing care in a laser-oriented soft tissue management program.


adv diode surgical Advanced Diode Surgical Online Course
$895.00 per Dentist or Hygienist

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The Advanced Diode Surgical Course familiarizes participants with the full range of the clinical applications of the diode laser. Its emphasis is to help clinicians harmonize their expectations with the knowledge they are receiving. This exposure will open their minds to the powerful capabilities of the laser.


practice management Laser Practice Management Online Course - -
Promoting The Dental Laser Practice

$895.00 per Dentist or Hygienist

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A one-day course for all practices that have a laser or are thinking about getting one.

This course is designed for every member of the dental team, including dentists, hygienists, auxiliaries, business managers and schedulers. In a program packed with pearls, the entire team will learn how to release the untapped potential of dental lasers. Our experienced instructors will demonstrate how to confidently promote your laser, how to motivate your staff, and how to turn your patients into zealous dental ambassadors for your office. By the end of the program, your team will be energized to begin implementing changes that will build momentum and carry the practice to the next level and beyond.


IALD Course IALD Millennium Periolase Hygiene Certification Course
$895.00 per Dentist or Hygienist

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Learn how you can support patients in your LANAP® protocol practice by performing laser dental procedures such as Laser Pocket Disinfection (LPD)™, treatment of Herpetic lesions and Apthous ulcers. Hygienists are also able to treat acute localized sensitivity with the PerioLase® MVP-7 FR Pulsed, Nd-YAG dental laser. These are just a few of the laser dental procedures that you may be able to perform in your office.


online courses Online Courses
Same price as live courses

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REGISTER NOW for the following online courses:
Online Soft Tissue Laser Certification Course
Online Advanced Hygiene/Perio Course
Online Advanced Diode Surgical Course
Online Laser Practice Management Course

For those who can’t attend a live course, why not take it online, at your own pace, today? View video, Powerpoint, and handouts in the comfort of your home or office, and take the test online. Upon completion, you’ll receive 8 CE credits and certification.


private course Private In-Office Soft Tissue Laser
Certification Course

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Call for details 877-527-3766

For large groups and for the ultimate in convenience, book your laser training as a private course.

Day's activities will include: Working with your staff and hygiene team in your own office with your own patients. Live patient exercises will be tailored to your practice needs and laser type.


For customers who purchase and complete one of our online courses and feel that after taking the course they need additional information or education, they are invited to attend any of our live course offerings of the same course type within one year of purchase at no additional charge. In addition, for customers who purchase and complete one of our live courses and would like access to the online version we will provide a link and password to the online course for up to one month after course completion at no additional charge. These offers valid only for customers that sign up and pay Advanced Laser Training directly, not valid for Laser Company covered courses, not valid with any discount or special offer.

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