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Laser Accessories
This unique informative set of Laser Patient Education Brochures explains the most common laser dentistry procedures in an easy to understand format designed for patients. The brochures highlight the benefits that laser dentistry offers for various procedures. Whether you offer the full range of laser dental procedures or just a few you will find this series invaluable in explaining treatment options to your patients. With all major laser applications covered this series can save you valuable time and give your patients something to take home to discuss their treatment with family or friends. Each set comes with an area for you to stamp your information so that patients can give them out to family members or friends in order to recommend your services.

Recommended order for new laser owners:
2 sets of Laser Periodontal Therapy Brochures
2 Sets of Laser Bacterial Reduction and the Oral-Systemic Health Connection Brochures 1 Laser Herpetic Lesion Apthous Ulcer Treatment Brochures
1 Set of Laser Soft Tissue Applications Brochures
Sold in packages of 50.

Price: $50.00 per package


Herpetic and Apthous Ulcer
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New! - Herpetic and Apthous Ulcers

Help spread the word to your patient population that you are now able to stop the progression of Herpetic or Apthous ulcers in their tracks, once the laser is used to treat a herpetic or apthous lesion, it stops the progression of the disease, cauterizes the nerve endings giving your patient immediate relief from itching, burning, tingling or pain and it biostimulates the area encouraging quicker healing, in the case of the herpetic lesion, killing the viral particles means that your patient will immediately go from an active lesion to the healing phase of the lesion. If we can treat Herpetic lesions during the prodromal stage we can stop the lesion from ever manifesting.

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Laser Bacterial Reduction
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New! - Laser Bacterial Reduction

Gives your team the ability to explain laser bacterial reduction or laser decontamination of pockets. Teaches patients the benefits of Laser Decontamination, such as reducing or eliminating bacteremias, reducing or eliminating cross contamination with our hygiene instruments and killing potential periodontal infections before they have a chance to cause damage. Makes a great statement stuffer or tool for the receptionist and hygienists to spread the word on the benefits of Laser Bacterial reduction.

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Laser Perio Therapy
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Laser Periodontal Therapy

Teaches patients in easy to understand language the advantages of laser periodontal therapy, things like Laser Bacterial reduction, Laser Curettage and how the laser can selectively target diseased tissue while killing bacteria and biostimulating the bottom of the pocket.

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Laser Soft Tissue App
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Laser Soft Tissue Applications

This patient education brochures emphasizes the advantages of using lasers for soft tissue surgical procedures. Emphasis is placed on how predictable the soft tissue margins can be using a laser versus traditional methodologies for cutting tissue as well as how clinicians can use lasers safely around metal, such as crowns and bridges and implants. Topics such as reduced bleeding and post operative swelling and pain are discussed and patients are made aware that their doctor is employing the best technology available.

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